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I think that my 238.4s are around even balance or maybe a little headlight and I play with a one-handed backhand. My 292.3s have swingweights of 386. I can play with them but my backhand and serve aren't as effective. I guess that the dropoff in RHS outweighs the benefit of plowthrough. I think that I'm about as high as I can go with swingweight because of the backhand and the serve. I did a lot of experimentation with lead tape back in 2011, basically adding lead tape until where my game became less effective.

I could definitely achieve the same SW with lower static weight but I need the lead at 3/9 for stability on the YTs.
When you say even balance, might be 32 cm?

I was too also playing with different set ups, but I can play my 1bh if I go more that 32.5 in balance.

And did you have any dificult adjusting the 376 weight, because its " A LOT", the 360 of SW its not much, well after playing with 375 sw in my pt57a xl everything less than that feels lighter...
(3) RF97 A 370.0 grams, 31.3 cm Balance, 352 SW, Gosen Sidewinder 17G @ 52 Gamma 6004 w/Wise 2086
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