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Originally Posted by widmerpool View Post
Ready for the green dot? I know people here are obsessed with giving toddlers 14oz racquets and using regular balls, but it looks like orange would be fine for her right now.

I like her BH. She's just not stroking her FH. Doing that folded arm "hinged door" movement. I'll defer to the experts on tips for her FH. For my son, it helps to do a unit turn with the left hand taking the racquet back on the FH.
Her backhand is definitely better than her forehand right now. That's what I am trying to do right now, improve her technique on her forehand side using advice on this forum, hold racket with left hand, unit turn, elbow leading the take back, and follow through. I've been feeding her balls a few times a week in addition to her group class, but it's difficult to get court time here up north. I'll post a new video in a couple months hopefully with improved technique.
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