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Default What team player are you?

The Singles Specialist = All singles all the time playing doubles is not an option.# 1 singles is your spot

The Singles Side Kick = Happy to play #2 singles and the occasional doubles match.

The Dynamic Duo = You and your partner are the #1 doubles team and work like a well oiled machine and can be counted on for a win every match just about.

The regular Joe = you are just out to play not the best on the team not the worse but ready to play whatever position needed.

The new Kid = new to the got young legs but no skill yet...still finding your feet and looking to create more wins..often put with a very good veteran doubles player to help you along.

Shark bait= same as the new kid..except they put you at #1 singles every week because you are the youngest on the team = you always play singles...and regularly eat bagels.

The McEnroe= you can play singles when needed....but your true calling is....You + anyone on your team = a doubles win.

The Cripple = Your body has fallen apart you wear more braces than clothing...your natural scent is IcyHot and even with your body protesting weekly you still lug that bag and play with your team every week.

The Fashonista Your gear becomes before your always have the latest outfit of your favorite pro. Your some whats care about how well you play but you are even more worried about looking good.

The Beach Bum You have no proper tennis gear...your racquet is from the late 80' wear worn out tennis tournament t-shirts and normally an off colored headband. but you still whip up on all the young fashonista's

The Coach You like running the team...picking the line ups...scouting for live for the team format over self improvement.

The Veteran you have been in the local league a decade or know everyone...have just about played everyone...still have a solid game...can give advice how to play against anyone else.

The short fuse every week you play....every week you destroy equipment or public property in your rage of making unforced errors...yet you always come back for more.

Chatty have a tennis bag...all the gear on...but you are more interested in talk and gossip than hitting a fuzzy yellow ball.

Which one are you?

poll only let me do 10 so the other options can just be quoted if you want

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