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Originally Posted by db10s View Post
My lab was out Sunday picking up a 3 man limit of ducks.... That's 18 birds... She's was sound asleep on the ride home.
Thats awesome man.

I had a friend growing that had a CBR. dog got hit by a car crossing the street to bum some fried chicken. Next time it would stop on the shoulder and check traffic before crossing.

We had this other guy that did the rescue excersies with his goldens. He would tell the dog to sit while he walked 200 yards away and placed a dummy on a corn filed. then come back. Dogs woud run out in the field 200 yards away, and look back. The guy would blow his whistle and point his arm ina direction and the dog would walk in that direction until he stopped blowing his whistle. Then look back for more direction until the guy placed him close enough to the dummy. Thats what i remeber anyway I was like 12 at the time watching the guy. It had to be similar to that. pretty incredible

It was pretty amazing
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