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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
...Brian Fairlie and Russell Simpson were pretty competitive at the DC.
Not sure what ever became of him after the early 90s but Fairlie was one of the most talented coaches you could ever encounter. He was a tennis genius and ahead of his time. He was approached on a couple of occasions by top players from Europe for short "fix-up" coaching stints. I think he coached Goran Ivanisevic's sister or cousin at some point when she was a promising up-n-comer.

On coaching merit he should have been the main coach for the development programme in NZ but he was not a popularist sort of person - he called things how he saw them and this ruffled too many feathers, especially those of the parents of a few top juniors whose parents had close ties to the the administrators. They just wanted coaches who would tell them how amazing their kids were when they won local tournaments - small-town syndrome.
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