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Had an interesting night out testing the Donnay Pro 1 against the IG Rad Pro. Had both of these sticks to try out and make a final decision on which one I'm going to switch to. I had the 2013 APD out with these and a Prestige S. The APD is one racquet I really like for those select few shots that you can completely demolish. But overall, it lacks in feel and just isn't my type of racquet. Now the Prestige S is a real contender. This thing is a really nice racquet, but I don't know that I like it as much as the IG Rad Pro. Coming from some heavier, high sw sticks I think the S is a little lacking in the sw department for me. I'm wondering whether or not I could really get to liking it if I had some time with it though. It really is precise, I could hit the cross court FH right on the service line-alley line intersection around 80-90% of the time when drilling tonight. I don't think it hits the heavier ball of the IG Pro or has as much spin. However, it was strung with some multi that I might break very quickly. I'm hoping I break it because I'd like to see how the S plays with poly. The Donnay I've got has crappy strings in it. They've been used a good bit and it had a tendency to launch. What I find interesting is that when I tried the Donnay Pro 1 versus the Gold, I was wanting a stick that felt like the Gold but performed like the Pro. The IG Rad Pro does it. I think the playtest is going to boil down to two Head racquets. I'm still thinking hard about the 16x19 Blade and trying to wander into the Steam room. But I'm ready to switch racquets now!
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