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Busted out the Ti.Rad OS sticks the other day expecting a rain session (warriors too light for wet balls), but it stayed dry. Was reminded of the surprising stability/flex/feel combo of these beasts when playing against an ex-ATP guy who occasionally shows up to play.

Though well off his former form, this guy can murder a flat ball when he has time to set up. He decided to attack me at net (usually a good play) during one game of dubs, but the Rads saved me three times. Just kept it in front with knees bent and it absorbed and returned each ball like a champ. The guy even shook his head and held his arms out like "Come on!"

SO glad I stocked up on these beasts (have six, with my favorite coming from the excellent Doyle Overman here on TT). Haven't tried the MG or Youtek OS frames, but hard to imagine they could be better.
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