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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
I don't think so, they're still playing with below average point guards (or no point guards in some cases).

In D'Antoni's system, missing Steve Nash is a pretty big hole to fill.
D'Antoni is too stubborn to realize this squad doesn't have the players needed to playing a fast paced game. The Lakers can score (well, at least Kobe can be counted for that), but just like every D'Antoni team, they don't play defense.

Gasol isn't being utilized properly, Howard can't get Kobe to give up the rock, Kobe's 30+ points nights = 1-10 for the team, Nash is definitely showing his age, and the bench is just a mess. Howard's FT issues will bite LA in the butt in close games.

In the game against Cleveland, Kobe(28 )-Artest(12)-Jamison(10) each shot the ball more than Howard(9). I'm no fan of Kobe, but I can't really blame him for how mediocre this team is. That said, Kobe should be a facilitator for the offense in the absence of decent PG play. As it is, teams will allow Kobe to get his and just frustrate the rest of the Lakers.

Turnovers, free throws, lack of 4th quarter defense, inconsistent play from most of the team, and playing in a anarchistic offense scheme = mediocrity.
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