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Default goods calls bobby jr and timnz

yeah..agree with most sentiment there bobby,

mark lewis also seemed a decent coach...

there was a great interview the other day on radiosport here with
michael stich and him...great listening to stich talk about his career.

pretty sure the final (lewis) televised live here in nz but i was too young then too remember ..tvnz pretty much televised it live after that for a few years....until 92 i think cause sky was taking over.

it's hard work here in seems there are no real top caches left (eg chris lewis went to SoCal)

i think a solution is to work with closer ties with aussie...fares are cheap as
across the tasman these days so why not some top juniors setting up over there.

didn't know you were an kiwi bobby?

erakovic is doing ok but her issues seem physical.
So does he have a weakness?
yeah..he can't cook - chang talking bout sampras
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