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Originally Posted by MikeHitsHard93 View Post
Looks like he got banned...
Who got banned?

LOL I've been really busy lately on my site; So I got a few more hours of video to edit but I can upload what I got to

Because I wasn't getting many new subscribers and only a few likes (also a few dislikes, when I hit against the wall with 2013 APD) I wasn't sure if I should do more unwrappings (Speed Pro 18x20) or more match plays like with the Steam 99S??

1) Match play against a USTA 4.0 that got bumped to 4.5 - big hitter who used the 2013 APD against me; he typically hits with Babolat Storms so he mentioned putting more lead on but he definite hits serves 100+ mph;

I think this year he won a 9.5 mixed tourney too; excellent doubles player with all court game and excellent volleys.

We played some pretty good points but on the court right next to us (edge of the frames) there's a group of girls watching us and chatting away so I don't know if I should include all the audio or just some music in the background. Let me know!
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