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Originally Posted by timnz View Post
It was huge. I am 4 years younger than Chris Lewis. It was front page news at the time.....people were saying that it was the best performance ever in tennis by a NZ'er. I disagree with that, because Tony Wildings performances were much greater. Even so, it was very big.

My older brother used to play Lewis in high school. Never beat him though......

Yes we did have coverage of Wimbledon then. No other international tournaments though then New Zealand started to get international tournaments shown starting in the late 80's with NZ Sky TV coming. Now there is everything on.

On the back of that Lewis was able to get Borg to come out for a series of exhibitions with him that December in New Zealand (1983). Lewis won one of the matches and Borg won 2. (Lewis won the one on Grass in Christchurch). My best friend watched Borg practicing during that time - he said at the time that that fulfilled a lifelong ambition to see Borg hit tennis balls.
thanks..a big event then, tv viewing was sparse here too before satillite tv came in.
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