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Down to CB 4.3 or B7s.

Coming from B6s, same situation as you.

I would take the B7s, I own the 4.3s right now. They are not bad, softer and more cushioned than Barricades (I am comparing to 6s, since I know them the best) durability is less than the Barricades imo, they do not last quite as long, but I have not worn through the outsole and it has been 6 months already, it is close though. While the B6s took me about 7-8 months or so. And I switch off between shoes as well.

Weight and movability-wise, I like the B6s, they feel lighter and do not feel as you are running around in a boot. And this is after break-in.

Moving on, is the break-in and out of the box playing, yea the CB 4.3s win hands down here, they do not require any type of break-in imo, and play soft and great out of the box.

So it is up to you, I prefer the Adidas though.
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