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Originally Posted by LanEvo View Post
Down to CB 4.3 or B7s.

Coming from B6s, same situation as you.

I would take the B7s, I own the 4.3s right now. They are not bad, softer and more cushioned than Barricades (I am comparing to 6s, since I know them the best) durability is less than the Barricades imo, they do not last quite as long, but I have not worn through the outsole and it has been 6 months already, it is close though. While the B6s took me about 7-8 months or so. And I switch off between shoes as well.

Weight and movability-wise, I like the B6s, they feel lighter and do not feel as you are running around in a boot. And this is after break-in.

Moving on, is the break-in and out of the box playing, yea the CB 4.3s win hands down here, they do not require any type of break-in imo, and play soft and great out of the box.

So it is up to you, I prefer the Adidas though.
I also by far prefer adidas through the years. I just found the B6 VERY uncomfortable (Where the shoes on the B6 bend, it would press down on my foot) - has the B7 improved in this department? It seems like softer uppers.

Also something to consider: One can sole patch sole parts (shoo goo)...but one cannot really sole patch the top of the toe. So whilst the CB may be less durable on the sole, it may not be as big as a problem if the protection on top of the toe is better than the B7. My biggest problem area for wear and tear is just where i drew the black dot as well as the front tip of the shoe. I think the B7 is really borderline and may or may not be as good as the B6 when it comes to this - if the B7 had 3mm more rubber height, i would get them no question.

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