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Don't think just running is bad for your knees.. but the way you run... we heard it before... heel striking + concrete/hard surfaces seems to be the worst!

Does Foot Form Explain Running Injuries?

Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
What? You wanna live foreever? Starship Troopers.
Do you want to SAVE your body, never do anything athletic, until you're 65?, so you can be an OLD athlete? Competing in the old man's class?
Should we mummify you right now? So you'll look good when you die?
Are you sure you're gonna be around to reap the benefits of healthy knees when you're older?
Are you sure the world will be around to reap the benefits of your healthy knees when you''re older.
Live for tomorrow? Or live for today?
For sure, lots of kids today are saving their knees by staying home in front of their computer games.
haha! that's a classic LeeD
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