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After reading this thread I decided to take a look in my rdc log:

The top three heaviest racquets I've got, bar wood and steel, are the following ones:

1) Rossignol F200
Weight: 405/14.29
SW: 383

2) Kneissl White Star Mid
Weight: 399/14.07
SW: 372

3) Dunlop Max 150G
Weight: 394/13.90
SW: 389

I feel swing weight is also rather important, and based on that the following racquets are in the top three;

1) Dunlop Max 150G
SW: 389
Weight: 394/13.90

2) Dunlop Maxpower Mid
SW: 384
Weight: 387/13.65

3) Rossignol F200
SW: 383
Weight: 405/14.29

I bring those heavy weights out from time to time, makes you appreciate the maneuverability of the 13 oz/350 sw racquets...
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