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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
Hi I'm Ray,

Have you hit with the new APD? If so, what's your take on it?
Nope, not yet. There's a few frames that are potentially more different than my current racket that come before the APD13 on my demo list. Unless the APD13 performs like the PD on serve and has better comfort, or has better comfort & feel than the Formula 100, I'm not likely to switch to it. I noticed the APD13 rated well across the board on serves which is a nice surprise, but the bad surprise is that comfort & feel ratings are at an all time low despite the active cortex...

What I've got on my demo list are: 99s, Extreme 2.0 Pro, Rad Pro, & to change thing up a bit: the previous BLX Blade 98, F 3.0 Tour, & possibly the Gold 99. Then APD13

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