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Default Two problems related to new racquet purchase

I'm a 3.5-4.0 player who uses a Head Prestige S.

Broke my strings one day so I borrowed my partner's spare racquet, the Babolat Aero Pro Drive, and finished out the session hitting winner after winner and generally making shots I normally struggle to make.

I called the local tennis shop--I live in Brasilia, Brazil--and asked if they had an APD in stock. They did and I asked them to hold one with a 4 3/8 grip like my Prestige S. The next day my friend dropped off the cash for me and picked it up, strung according to my specs.

The grip is 4 3/8 but it feels much larger than the grip on my Head stick. I have some wrist problems, and the increased grip size seems to make them worse.

My questions:

1) The store wont take the racquet back, and racquets here are twice the price of the racquets in the U.S., so is there a way I can reduce the size of the grip?

2) The racquets are vastly different. If I figure out the grip issue, should I choose one and stick with it, or do you think I can continue to develop my game using two very different racquets.

Here is video of me playing, if it provides any useful info for the second question:

Thanks so much for any advice you can provide!
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