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Originally Posted by Flash O'Groove View Post
Were you one of them? I find it very limited to judge the player's resume only on their slam result (or victories). Three master 1000, 1 WTF, show that he could win big. His load of smaller tournaments show that he could beat regularly thoose whom he should beat (which is what most players lack).

Using your criterions, Brugera is a better player than Murray (2 slams, 2 master 1000, 1 one silver medal when it meant little. Well, two slams is better than one), Verkerk is better than Henman, Davydenko, Haas, Ferrer, etc. (he did reach a slam final).

I regard consistency higher than wisp.
I was - until Murray won USO I agreed on several occasions on here that Delpo had achieved more than him. I would say that as of today that Brugera has achieved more than Murray.
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