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Originally Posted by andrehanderson View Post
I'm a 3.5-4.0 player who uses a Head Prestige S.

Broke my strings one day so I borrowed my partner's spare racquet, the Babolat Aero Pro Drive, and finished out the session hitting winner after winner and generally making shots I normally struggle to make.

I called the local tennis shop--I live in Brasilia, Brazil--and asked if they had an APD in stock. They did and I asked them to hold one with a 4 3/8 grip like my Prestige S. The next day my friend dropped off the cash for me and picked it up, strung according to my specs.

The grip is 4 3/8 but it feels much larger than the grip on my Head stick. I have some wrist problems, and the increased grip size seems to make them worse.

My questions:

1) The store wont take the racquet back, and racquets here are twice the price of the racquets in the U.S., so is there a way I can reduce the size of the grip?

2) The racquets are vastly different. If I figure out the grip issue, should I choose one and stick with it, or do you think I can continue to develop my game using two very different racquets.

Here is video of me playing, if it provides any useful info for the second question:

Thanks so much for any advice you can provide!
Q1-Grip: Switch the grip for a Babolat Skinfeel grip, it should reduce the grip size by 1/2 a size or more. With the thinner grip will come a reduction in weight. If you are not affected by the weight reduction then great, but if you are:
Add some lead tape to the handle to counter balance. To prevent building the grip size back up, wind it around the buttcap, tape it inside the handle, or as I like to do: pry off the Babolat symbol from the plastic trap door (secured by double sided foam tape), stick the lead tape onto the trap door in layers, trim the edges, replace trap door, stick the symbol back on if you want to.

Q2-Switching rackets: I would say switching is bad for consistency especially with such different rackets, but continuing to play with both is the best way to really figure out what is best for your game. I would stick with one racket for the majority of a hitting session, and maybe switch to the other for the last 15-20 min of the day for comparison. Or stick with the new frame for a while to really get it dialed in before going into comparisons.

Wrist pain with the APDGT: What string & tension are you using? I use the APDGT and find the comfort can be either good or bad depending on the string set up.

You seem a bit hesitant in the vid leading to slow shots, your shot & consistency seem fine so don't be afraid to hit more aggressively!

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