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Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
ohh ok. did you figure out that lock for the string machine? 7yrs ago was the height of the crazy housing bubble? your mortgage must be crazy
I bought the new house at a bad time, but I sold the old one at a good time. The mortgage on your primary house is kind of like funny money. As long as you aren't over-extended on the monthly payment, none of it really matters until you cash out and rent. And no, I still haven't fixed the brake on the machine yet. I only string once a month or so, but Ill try tinkering with it again next time.

In somewhat related news, I am starting to fall out of love with Genesis Typhoon though. Feels amazing the first 6 hours, then it seems to stretch too much and turn your racquet into a rocket launcher. I have BHB7 in my other racquet and I'm liking that so far. I have a set of MSV Focus Hex that Ill put in next, and Ill restring one with Black Magic again too. I liked the Black Magic a lot, but I had my best two matches recently with the BHB7, so Ill need a side by side comparison.
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