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2) The racquets are vastly different. If I figure out the grip issue, should I choose one and stick with it, or do you think I can continue to develop my game using two very different racquets.
If you are looking to really maximize your game, you should stick with a single racquet. If you just want to have fun there is nothing wrong with switching.

Thinking about what style of tennis you want to play should help you choose. Watching you rallying, I would guess that your game it built on precision and playing within your limits. The APD isn't probably the best choice for this. I am a long time APD user. It is a racquet that makes me want to really be aggressive.

The APD is much stiffer than your Prestige S. It's going to give you more power and spin. Add this to the "I really want to take a rip at the ball" feeling and that is probably why you were hitting winners with it. If your arm can handle the stiffness and you get better results you might as well switch.
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