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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
I need to be careful about something from now on. This thread has opened my eyes.

Sometimes when I am playing, an old fart or two will ask to pass through. I will say "go right ahead." Then as he/they is/are shuffling through, we would start serving or hitting. Sometimes we will test our skills by hitting as close as possible to them yet not touching them with the ball. The guys would panic and run faster and we would wave to them that it was all in good fun.

Got to stop doing this. I don't want to get sued.
You're probably right. I do this all the time to my friends, even to my wife. I never hit them, and its always good for a laugh from all parties... until someone gets hurt I'm sure. Then again, I have the mentallity of a 10 year old... so sometimes its still funny even if a buddy does get hurt. Does that mean I won't get any good gifts this year??
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