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I remeber in 10th grade we played this team that had two guys that were super tall. I played Center/PF and am only like 6'1". They had a 6'7" guy and a 6'5".

Our coach told us whenver these guys got the ball with 7 feet of the basket just hack them and dont let the shot go in. I thought thats not a good idea. I will foul out and they will score points. Coach told me since I was the only white guy on our team the refs would give me leeway and said I always be hackin anyway. I had no retort.

The dude caught the ball I hacked him out him on the line. his first free throw went over the backboard and the 2nd was airballed. They went to him again and we hacked him he hit the front of the iron and another air ball. The team never ran another play to him the rest of the game.

The other dude was guadring me and I spun moved around him and he stuck his knee out to trip me. I got the hoop and the harm while the guy laid on the floor holding said knee he tripped me with. He left the game and never came back.

Thos two big guys were so soft I had no problems boxniog them out and keep ing them off the offensive glass. We ended up beating them by 20.
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