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Pretty sure that both of the sluggers on the h.s. teams I coach switched into those racquets from stiffer Babolats. They liked the extra touch and control that came with the extra flex - both hit with plenty of power, so they didn't have problems there. In both cases, these kids (one plays for a college team now) seem to get at least as much spin with their Blades as they did with their old racquets, too.

Considering the specs of the Blade though, you might experience a performance drop-off coming from using the PDR and N 6.1 95. I'm pretty sure that both of your current frames are both more hefty and more stiff. Switching into something with less backbone and less beef might make it tougher to really work the ball well without over-swinging, but maybe not.

I had some trouble when I switched away from my old 6.1 Classics. I tried a lot of different gear and picked up a pair of LM Radicals for myself along the way. Their extra flex was a nice addition, but because the Radicals were significantly lighter, they just didn't work for me. I've settled in with the Volkl C10, which I've made more head-light by adding lead to their handles. The flex has given me lots of comfort and control, but these Volkls are only slightly less heavy than my old Wilsons, so I still get "enough" power and stability with them.

Just something to look out for.
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