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Cool running

Originally Posted by Povl Carstensen View Post
Interesting read, thank you. It corresponds with an experiment made here in Denmark I was a part of, where the result said that habitual barefoot runners experienced less shock from running than habitual shoe runners, and this was found to be true both running in shoes or barefoot in the experiment.
What I do now is train for a marathon but don't run it. I have read from docs is running a marathon puts too much stress on your heart. Also I run on a treadmill and get two new pairs of shoes every 3 months. Switching between 2 pair is like having 3 pairs. I run 8 miles everyday and have no problems with my knee, back or feet. Running outside is fun but running down hill puts alot of stress on your knee plus unleashed dogs, potholes, bathroom breaks heat, cold and rain to deal with. Plus I get a better run inside since I don't have to stop and wait for a stop light every 1/4 mile. I also get to watch tv while running on a treadmill.
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