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Pretty much like to use really heavy graphite frames as "trainers" more than regular players. I've got a pair of leaded up (for more HL balance) LM Prestige mids that weigh 13.4 oz. and these are great because they ONLY work well if I use good timing and mechanics to hit the ball. Thinking of actually using them on a couple of the kids I coach to help them set up sooner and use more of their kinetic chain instead of "arming" their shots too often.

Those racquets have 11 pts. HL balance and my stock 13.0 oz Prince NXG mids have maybe 10 pts. HL balance. Have to say that those heavier frames can be fun, but only for ripping it at full speed. My go-to Volkl C10s weigh 12.5 oz. (leaded handles for 10 pts. HL balance) and while these are heavy enough to be stable 'n all that, they're also light enough for me to comfortably whup around when making extra spin or for settings like teaching where I'm not pounding the ball.

Physics can be quite the mixed bag I suppose...
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