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Originally Posted by ac10splyr View Post
Players that got invited to the last level of the RTC camps, interested to see the names of kids that are thought to be technically sound and overall game...
Can't answer 100% in regards to Level 3 RTC, however my 8 year old was the youngest student in her group recently to be invited to Level 1 RTC. In the camp we were at they stressed technique over and over again.

They video taped players strokes and used Dartfish software to go over results with parents/coaches.

From talking to many high level coaches there, they seem to be looking for players who are technically sound to move to that next level. Of course having all the other intangiables help also.

Tennis is a game of manged errors, having good technique reallys helps in the heat of battle, this helps reduce unforced errors, especially as you get to the higher levels it can come down to just a few points here and there.
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