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What's up dude? I have to totally agree with you here. That's my number 1 reason for loving the 40 plus league. I to don't like running into some div 2 19 year old kicking second serve aces down the t at will in a 4.0 league. I don't mind playing them on my own time but I don't want to take two days off from work and get a hotel to run into 3 out of 5 guys like this. Let them kick each other in and we can run each other around with slices for 3

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I'm enjoying playing 40+ this fall immensely because I have yet to play a self-rated 19 year old former #1 for his high school or a self rated 23 year old former junior college player like I did last season in 18+. My experience has been that the biggest problem with self-rated sandbaggers is young people and in the 40+ league I have yet to encounter even one self-rated player, much less a self-rated sandbagger.

I'm sorry 40+ is negatively affecting you but I think there are a number of assumptions and contentions in your post I don't necessarily agree with which make it hard for me to agree with your argument.
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