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Originally Posted by texacali View Post
It's the Beach Bums who scare me. They don't look like players and they kick some royal butt. I think I read somewhere in these boards the one to be wary of is the one who shows up who looks like he just got of bed, with a hat on backwards, basketball shorts and carrying one or maybe two rackets with no covers. first ever 6-0 6-0 lost came at the hands of a beach bum when I first started and did not know any better.

he had converse all star sneakers...grey sweat pants with a few different colors of paint stains. a 1996 USA olympic shirt that was faded and comming apart around the shoulder.

full beard/ aviator glasses and had his hair tied back with a rubber band.

2 wilson Hammer racquets with hardly any paint left on them...full gut strings and a can of balls and a sweat rag...and I mean rag all wrapped together with a fraying bungee cord.

...he smokes in between sets and the small cooler he had with him contained beer which he shared with me after our match.

best loss ever
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