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Originally Posted by akind View Post
Thanks a million gavna, I think I'll get some pairs of regular tennis shoes or if I can get smooth soled tennis shoes.
They may vary a bit from one facility to another, but the one place near me with indoor carpets had INSANE traction the first time I played there. My regular hard court tennis sneaks were rather new, so they had a good fresh tread, but this wasn't a good thing on the carpet. It actually put a lot of extra stress on my legs because there was so much less give when I'd change direction. Running in a straight line was okay, but pivoting and moving laterally was tricky because my feet stuck to the court too much. MUCH too much!

After that first outing, I've been smart enough to keep some older sneaks handy so that I can get just the right traction I need if I go back there. While the difference might seem minimal on a local hard court with smoother vs. fresher treads, it's an incredible difference on a carpet.

For the record, I also have some grass court shoes and I wouldn't bring those things anywhere near a carpeted court.
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