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Default the beach bums are the ones to look out for

lol, we have a standard when it comes to tennis attire.

The guy/gal who is dressed all nice, matching, decked out in new gear, and looking good usually can't play.

The guy/gal that dresses however they want, not necessarily like a bum, but having tennis skirt/shorts, whatever top, etc probably can play and you better watch out for them lol.

I would say I use to be the malcontent (not talented b/c I'm not the best player) on the court, but worked really hard to stop that, so much so that now I hear from spectators and such that they didn't realize I was mad on the court! Score! lol.

Now I'm just the regular joe and forced into singles player lol. I dislike singles, think it's torture, but I'm good at it. However, doubles is my first and only love. I play singles in practice to better my doubles game.
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