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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Funny Dan, your rankings become strange more and more. You have a selected view on the players' records: You only consider those Hoad results that are positive for your God, pardon GOAT. You neglect totally other players' achievements, especially Rosewall's.

You rank Hoad ahead of Rosewall for all years from 1953 to 1956 even though the facts and experts contradict totally with the exception of 1956!

In 1953 Rosewall won two majors, reached SFs at FH, reached QFs of Wimbledon, won the PSW tournament ("the fifth major") and won the deciding Davis Cup match. No way of ranking him behind Hoad.

In 1954 Rosewall reached the final of Wimbledon (great match against Drobny), reached SFs at the Australian Champs., lost in five and reached SFs of US Champ.s. By the way, Tingay ranked Hoad only seventh...

For 1960 you rank Olmedo fourth!?!? Maybe because he lost 0-6,0-6,3-6 to Rosewall at Wembley? I rank him eighth.

Hoad in 1964 third? It's your masterpiece, of course! Your explanation is very revealing: Because Hoad won a small 4 man tour. Gonzalez and Gimeno were much stronger than Lew that year. Hoad finished sixth in the world tour...

You rank Hoad first or second for most years from 1953 to 1963. It's really funny. Thanks a lot!

Facit: Dan Lobb at his best...

P.S.: Joe McCauley was busy to give a reasonable picture of the pro scene, but you distort his records as you also distort the amateur records, just to push your darling. You and TMF could be a genial double of misinterpreting tennis history!
Bobby, let's not get carried away again.
Look at hth between Hoad and Rosewall. FIVE TO NOTHING for Hoad in 1953, and Hoad was THE KINGPIN of the Davis Cup final, where Rosewall was clobbered by Trabert (or did you overlook that match?).
TWO TO NOTHING against Trabert in 1953, including the key Davis Cup match, and, as you know, Davis Cup was the NUMBER ONE event in the tennis world.
In 1954, Hoad and Rosewall played a best-of-five sets Eastern Grasscourts final, a straight sets win for Hoad. Look at the results.
It's great that Rosewall reached some final in 1954, but which majors did he win? I do not recall any that year, and HE LOST AT ROLAND GARROS TO DAVIDSON, a player Hoad owned on clay.
Joe McCauley somehow excluded the New Zealand four-man in 1964, the only tour featuring the three great Aussies together, and even an over-the-hill Hoad had too much for the others.

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