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Last 2 years, been playing with a set of DunlopAero500's, at 10 oz strung.
2 days a go, grabbed an old Aero200 at 13 oz strung and headed for the courts. Wall hitting was fine. Rallying from the baseline was fine. Even volleys seemed fine. Then slow doubles started.
From the first ball, I was late for everything. Late or mishit (smaller headsize than what I was using). Reaction volleys were not too bad, but little putaway power. Putaway volleys were fine.
Serves were beyond horrid. Swingspeed and ball bite hard to achieve. Second serves lacked precision. First volleys were strong, but all over the map, either trampolining or mishitting. Overheads were fine.
Just weird, to sink to the level of the players on the court just because my racket was 3 oz's heavier than what I"ve played with the last 2 years.
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