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Originally Posted by Boricua View Post
I have used the Cortex version and the 2010 GT version of the Aeropro. Right now I am using a VCORE 97 (330) which is a very solid racket,
I have read many reviews regarding the new Aeropro. Many people have said that its too light and that it can be pushed around against big hitters. Is this true in your experience when demoing it? And, would any of you customize this racket in order to give it more mass? If so, how would you distribute lead and in what amount?
Sometimes I think that customizing and adding lead will affect the particular dynamics of the aero design in the Aeropro. Is that so?
I want to add that I have never put lead in a racket so this would be new for me.
In my experience hitting with the AeroPro, I had no issues with it getting pushed around by big hitters. On the contrary, the racquet was so maneuverable and forgiving that I found it easier to hang with big hitters because I was not afraid to take a big cut at the ball and mis-hit it. I felt the standard version lacked a little bit of weight for my liking, but the Plus version felt hefty enough. If you wanted to add weight, I don't think it would affect the aerodynamics of the racquet, and the placement of the lead would be entirely a personal preference. For me, I would try not to change the balance of the racquet, and just add weight around the throat for a little more heft and a little higher swingweight.

Hope this helps.

Andy, TW
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