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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
KX ???
Does a confirmed Yamaha rider now work for Kawasaki?
MX has switched to 4 strokes for tractibility, comfort, torque, low end, easy good starts, and mild strong power with less shifting and clutch work.
2 strokes are more touchy, quicker revving, less inertia to slow down, and lighter in weight ....barely.
To me, a small weak guy, an Open class fourstroke would have more than enough power, easier to ride fast, slow down, and only suffer in slow tight turns.
I always thought a CR-500 had too MUCH power, and I never lost a holeshot to CR-500's of Paul and Dave Bostrom (top VetPro riders in my day) using my KX-420's or RM-500's.
Nah he did not push any brand of bike only a shop in riverside a sponser. I asked him should I buy a KX500AF from Service Honda or a 2013 KX450F. He has not ridden the KX500AF but told me a 2 stroke rider only to test ride a 4 stroke. I forgot he raced the 500 clas and wished he rode it so he could compare to to the 500 bikes from the 80's and 90's. Last 500 was the 2004 kx500 I think cr was 2001.

I heard the 4 stroke 450 lacks torque compared to a 500 70 hp motor or a 250 2 stroke. The new KTM 450 puts out 60hp @11500rpm compared to 70hp @6000 and you get the max torque at the bottom end. I look at this way, it's like comparing a high reving turbo 4 banger to a chevy big block. The ktm 350 screams at 13500 talk about loud! I based my choice on numbers 70hp@6000rpm at 230lbs wet vs 60hp@11500rpm at 248 pounds. So 18 pounds less and 10 more hps and more torque sonner at a lower rpm. Plus the smell and sound of a 2 stroke can't be beat. I still will test ride a 2013 kx450f to hear a 4 stroke in person and check out the ride. Iam sure any new bike would kill my 85 cr500, 84 rm250, 83yz125 or 82 kx125.
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