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My wife makes sure of that. School ALWAYS comes first. My daughter loves school. Your right it is MY dream i just wish i could magically make it her dream. I have taken her to some of the best coaches in America and my dad says to me why are you wasting your money. He tells me all the time that it doesnt matter where i take her or how much money i spend until it becomes her passion i am just wasting my money. I try to defend my decisions by saying that im trying to give her all the tools so when or if she takes ownership 100% she will have the full arsenal. My father also says that i just need to let her play and not to worry and she will be GREAT!! My son is the exact opposite. I cant get him off the court. I know why he is like that. When he was young he would always ask if he could go hit with me and sissy and i would tell him no because she has to practice. Now he is 7 and he is a BEAST!!! Now i have to be careful what i say because i dont wanna brag too much about him in front of her.This week was the first time i have been able to take them together and do drills and train without them fighting. Its so much better than having to be on court with her for a couple and then have him come over for another hour. It was wearing me out!!
Ga Tennis,

We have a lot in common. I have been living my dream thru my 16 yr old son as well. Luckily he also has a passion to train hard and improve his game, while keeping up with his school work. I learned how to play tennis by watching TV, reading books... and became a pretty good 4.0 player. But we are spending about $15,000 a year on his lessons and clinics. My son takes lessons from a former ATP player; but he agrees that I am his consultant (well, I am also his driver, stringer, cheer leader; and yes, the only person he has ever consulted after splitting sets). After seeing several top kids in our section are taken to tournaments by their coaches, I asked him a few weeks ago if we should do the same. He told me no and he would not feel as confident stepping onto the court without me around, because I had always been there from Day 1. I had tears in my eyes.

My son did not start to play tournament until he was 10 and half. He lost 1st round in his first 6-7 district tournaments. It took almost a whole year for him to win his 1st sectional match. 6 months later he won a match in his 1st national open in Flushing Meadow. Last year he did not get into B16 winter national. He will be playing B18 in Scottsdale in a few weeks.

Like you, I enjoy every minute watching him practice, competing, fitness training or warming him up before his match, discussing strategy, entering every point on Tennis Trekkar, and talking to his coach about his needs for improvement. My friends predicted that I would be really bored after my son goes to college in two years. Well, I surely hope I don't have to fly to watch his college matches.
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