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My wife and I discussed this in-depth. Several of the top juniors in our section are home schooled. It's obviously a personal decision. We opted against it because we believe the social growth you get in school is so important to your development as a young kid and ultimately as an adult. Plus, my daughter loves school and the social piece is a key piece (John McEnroe is also a big fan of school and against home schooling, for what it's worth).

I never want tennis to take over her life. It's her choice but I see her going to parties, dances, dating (yes, I'm a dad that accepts his daughter will date one day , etc. Tennis is isolating enough. You learn life lessons in school (the good, bad, tough, etc.). Even if you become the #1 ranked pro in the world, tennis will only comprise a fraction of your life . . . As a parent, I just pray my kids have happy, fulfilling and long lives. Hopefully tennis helps my daughter develop into a strong, independent and self thinking woman.
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