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Originally Posted by JRstriker12 View Post
Wow! Missed out on the rice cooker talk. We have some plain, no-name brand cooker my wife picked up from Macy's to replace the plain, no-name cooker she had in college. Works well enough, even with brown rice.

Tried making Kale chips last night. Not bad. I added too much salt though. Reminded me of dried seaweed.

Having a tough day, kiddos woke up around 10 and wouldn't go back down till 12:30am - yawn....

CB- I read something about Blops2 that if you quit too many times in the middle of a match, the implement a short term ban on MP play? I'm screwed, haven't played much, but when I do, I quit mid game in about 2 out of 10 matches. I get banned and Blops2 may get traded in.
yes I read about it too and experienced it. My daughter woke up too many times and I had to quit when it first started. After about quitting 10x in a role, I got a system msg that I cant connect for 10 minutes.
Ever since then, I've done the same but instead of quitting, I just left it alone and let the server kick me out. I haven't had any issues then. I guess it's treated like a bad connection, maybe? It's not good for my stats, but I play just to play.

It's sad, last night, some whinny kid was making fun of me saying my stats suck and I had more deathes than kills. Who would of thought? I thought it's always the older kids that bullies the younger ones? And not the other way around. Oh the times have changed.
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