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Default A scammer parading as TW?

I just came on TTW (at 1:55 pm PST, Wed, 12/12/12) and a window pops up asking me to fill out a 5-question survey for a $100 TW gift card. The window even showed the authentic TW gift card on it.

Since I was on TTW and it looked legit, I answered some questions, gave my first name and cell #.

And then it went to a "CONFIRM" page and showed a timer that counted down from 120 seconds to confirm my cell phone number, except the page didn't show how to confirm it.

At any rate, it looks to me that it may have been a scamware and it took my first name and cell #.

Any thoughts, TW?

***By the way, if you see any hyperlinks on my text, don't click on it. There's something weird going on here.

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