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Originally Posted by coolblue123 View Post
yes I read about it too and experienced it. My daughter woke up too many times and I had to quit when it first started. After about quitting 10x in a role, I got a system msg that I cant connect for 10 minutes.
Ever since then, I've done the same but instead of quitting, I just left it alone and let the server kick me out. I haven't had any issues then. I guess it's treated like a bad connection, maybe? It's not good for my stats, but I play just to play.

It's sad, last night, some whinny kid was making fun of me saying my stats suck and I had more deathes than kills. Who would of thought? I thought it's always the older kids that bullies the younger ones? And not the other way around. Oh the times have changed.
Oh, so you have to do consecutive quits. I'll keep on eye on it. Haven't gotten a mini ban yet.

Whinny kids are why there's a mute button. Eff the stats, play for fun.

That's actually pretty mild. Some of the racist and homophobic crap that people say while playing is one of of the reasons I skipped MW3. BF3 usually have a more adult community and you can only talk to people in your 4 man squad so you get less of that crap. Also K/D is less important in BF3 since it's objective based.

BTW- How do you like the Kinect? Been thinking of picking one up for my daughter this Christmas. Only downside is the risk of being forced to share my xbox - LOL!
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