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Originally Posted by Sup2Dresq View Post

Maybe if you weren't holding a blue ribbon beer.. Lol.
No kidding. Based on the way I was playing. I probably played better while chugging one down.

Originally Posted by JRstriker12 View Post
Oh, so you have to do consecutive quits. I'll keep on eye on it. Haven't gotten a mini ban yet.

Whinny kids are why there's a mute button. Eff the stats, play for fun.

That's actually pretty mild. Some of the racist and homophobic crap that people say while playing is one of of the reasons I skipped MW3. BF3 usually have a more adult community and you can only talk to people in your 4 man squad so you get less of that crap. Also K/D is less important in BF3 since it's objective based.

BTW- How do you like the Kinect? Been thinking of picking one up for my daughter this Christmas. Only downside is the risk of being forced to share my xbox - LOL!
Kinect is good, highly recommend if your daughter is over 4 yrs old. At least for my kid, the Kinect had a hard time picking up smaller folks due to the distancing between the floor and the limbs (I was reading somewhere)

They got a bunch of cool games now especially if your kid likes to see him or herself on tv. They got one where they take an image of them and use the image to fight monsters and ninjas.
Another one which is about your kid being a princess doing princess stuff. etc etc.

Only thing is new xbox is coming sometime later in early 2013. So I am not sure when the xbox is going to sunset? Only other concern is possible privacy issues? (i.e. can someone hack into your kinect and watch you and make u look at annoying commercials based on your reactions?)
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