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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Here's the weird thing.

Our league is having 40+ starting in January. Rosters are starting to fill. It is the same old crowd, divided into the same old teams. This is because there were so few youngsters at 4.0 to begin with.

So what will happen in April for 18+? All of the teams are full. Will 40+ captains kick off some of their players to make room for some young singles players?

The really bad thing is that I feel our team was kind of forced to play the January 40+ season. If we didn't, our players would scatter and there would be no one to recruit for the April 18+ season.
Why don't you simply play both leagues? April is exactly three months after January.

If you don't want to play don't.

Our 18+, 40+ and 55+ leagues all run at the same time.

Late Jan- early April, then Mixed, then Combo, then Singles and Fall with the last two overlapping.

So we will see some guys playing 18+, 40+ and 55+ all during the same week.
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