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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
Aside from my serve, I decided to spend some time with my backhand, since, it was starting to show signs of neglect, particularly my slice. It was pretty refreshing to spend time grooving it and not having to think too much.

Topspin crosscourt. Arguably my best/favorite shot. This is the standard I hold the new forehand against...I want to be able to generate similar power from it, especially on weak balls.

Topspin DTL. Hmm. Needs more shoulder turn...

The slice showed the most signs of neglect. I was chopping across previously, which LeeD noted. Hope I corrected it here. Still flies on me sometimes (haven't figured out the cause). Suggestions? Needs more shoulder turn?
Yes, more shoulder turn. Should be able to see your back from the other side of the net. If you want some top spin you need to get the racquethead under the ball and brush up more.
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