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Jeff's videos are great, they're short and sweet while really eye opening. For a long time I was trying to figure out how to get more topspin behind my shots and thought altering my racquet specs would do the trick. That has helped, but is not a fix all. I recently watched the video Jeff put up about Novak's take back and how the strings that will make contact face more behind him. I never thought about the racquet face angle at that point in my stroke. In other video analysis, it seemed like I naturally have more of a Murray or Agassi take back, where the racquet's about half way between parallel and perp to the net when going back. But when I started focusing on turning the racquet face back more like Djo, I was really able to whip the racquet back around and saw an obvious increase in topspin.

Now, I never would have thought of this myself and I haven't seen any other free videos about this (maybe with it thrown in among other techniques, but not by itself). I wrote Jeff an email about it and other things from his videos, and he got back to me with answers to everything! Now, I don't have the $$$ to buy a lesson plan from anyone online, but if I did, I can't think of a better option than Jeff's stuff right now. FYB is pretty good, too, and the fact that Will got so much out of the Bryan Bros is awesome for a doubles lover like me. I feel like he can be a little long winded at times, but I am a visual learner.
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