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Originally Posted by robbo1970 View Post
Cheers Lee. I just get paranoid after reading so many threads that I'm going wrong and will give myself injuries.
If you aren't hurting yourself, you aren't hurting yourself. Don't change if there isn't a problem.

Originally Posted by Bobs tennis View Post
Very good subject.I just joined your board because I noticed so many interesting debates.I was using a 3/8 for quite a while and about 18 months ago dropped to 1/4.As time went on I got Tennis elbow which wasn't getting better.Had the opportunity to use a demo which was a 1/2 (very unusual) and after hitting three times my elbow really felt better.That was about four months ago.Never going small again.

I can't play with less than a 5/8 because I've got a tear in my elbow tendon and smaller grip sizes bother it.
Just like some people can play fine with poly strings and some people get sore arms, some people can play with smaller grips and some can't.

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