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Originally Posted by hobnob View Post
why would they pitch a fit? They could play 5.5 or 6.5 in that setup... or did you just not realize it goes that low? lol.
There aren't many 2.5 guys anymore, and I'm not sure how the 3.0 women would play 6.5 if the 3.0 had the be the higher rated player? They could play with a 3.0 guy I guess, assuming equal ratings would be acceptable in this hypothetical league, but they'd be in line to lose a bunch to true 6.5 teams unless one or both of them were sandbagging.

FWIW, I do like the idea in general though. As a 3.5 guy I think a mixed league with 3.5 guys and 4.0 women would be fun and competitive. I am in a mixed gender doubles ladder, and basically it ends up most weeks that I share a court with other 3.5 guys or 4.0 women, and it's one of my favorite tennis 'leagues' I've been a part of with consistently interesting, competitive play.

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