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Originally Posted by hhollines View Post
My wife and I discussed this in-depth. Several of the top juniors in our section are home schooled. It's obviously a personal decision. We opted against it because we believe the social growth you get in school is so important to your development as a young kid and ultimately as an adult. Plus, my daughter loves school and the social piece is a key piece (John McEnroe is also a big fan of school and against home schooling, for what it's worth).

I never want tennis to take over her life. It's her choice but I see her going to parties, dances, dating (yes, I'm a dad that accepts his daughter will date one day , etc. Tennis is isolating enough. You learn life lessons in school (the good, bad, tough, etc.). Even if you become the #1 ranked pro in the world, tennis will only comprise a fraction of your life . . . As a parent, I just pray my kids have happy, fulfilling and long lives. Hopefully tennis helps my daughter develop into a strong, independent and self thinking woman.
Home schooling was never an option for my son, as we wanted him to have the best education and be a normal high school kid. He hangs out with his friends, goes to parties and dances when he is not playing tournament. I actually encouraged him to date a girl that has yet to happen. As for tennis training, he practices two hours in clinics after school Monday to Thursday; takes an hour lesson Tuesday; and when not playing tournament in the weekend, he does match play, take another private lesson, practice with me or does fitness. He has to do his home work after we come back home; a few weeks ago, he stayed until around 2 AM to finish his assay.

In our section (sophomores, juniors, and seniors), two blue chips are training in academies. All other top kids (1 blue chip, 5 5-stars and a few 4-stars ranked above 150) are attending regular schools. I know a few home schooling boys, but they are not among the best players.
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