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I haven't played with any of those racquets. It compares favorably with the Dunlop M-Fil 200 and is similar. It has more dwell time and is less demanding than my Dunlop 4D100s. It doesn't have the plow of my Prince NXG Mid, but that racquet weighs at least an ounce more. I suspect it's significantly softer than the Wilson. I bet it's got more trampoline in the sweetspot than the Head - it has widely spaced main strings for an 18x20 93. I can't even guess at the Yonex, though I had thought of picking that one up before the Beckers dropped to $79.

It's just a very solid stick. Spin is nice. The sweetspot is easy to find. If I step into the shot, I can generate plenty of power. My level of play has improved with them; I plan to keep them.

Only annoying thing for me is that Becker put a sticker on the butt-cap instead of an actual printed image of Becker. I can live with that, but it made the construction seem kind of cheap when I noticed it.

What else do you want to know?
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