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gatennis, I'm curious, what has been a typical practice week (hours/days per week) for your girl as she has advanced from beginning to play until today? And for your boy as well? I have an 8 yr old boy and 6 year old girl who I'd like to work with together, but my boy is much further along (naturally). I'm waiting for the day when I can construct a practice that fully benefits both!
My daughter started off playing just as long as I could keep her attention,then when she turned 7 she would practice about an hour a day with a few tournaments. At 8 I put her in a tennis academy that she practiced at 3 days a week for an hour and a half and got one private a week. She would hit with me the days off. The last year she plays around 8 hours a week plus some tournaments. I found that quality is so much better than quantity. She goes to her coach in Atlanta as often as I can afford. With both of your kids really work on technique and don't be in a hurry to compete, With your 6 year old just be patient and make it fun. When she's ready to go home go home. My little boy just turned 7. He really isn't on a schedule. He might play two hours one day and wanna play soccer or basketball the next. Im taking it slow with him right now. I made him hungry at a young age and I don't wanna make tennis too routine right now.I did it wrong with my daughter I kinda made tennis more work than fun and I'm still trying to fix that mistake.
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