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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
I thought KX's were Kawasaki's.
CR's are Hondas.
RM's for Suzuki
YZ's for Yamaha
I had the '83RM-250 watercooler, too pipey and lacked low end.
Service Honda is the aftermarket company that started back in 1997 putting honda 500 motors in 250f al frames. In 2009 they are started doing kx 500 motors in the 250f frames too. Honda will not let them call the 500 a cr so it's a 500AF. They also do a Yamaha yz 300 which is a stroked out 2 stroke motor it's 285cc not sure why they call it 300? Can't wait for Feb when I get back my tax money so I can buy my 2012 Service Honda KX500AF with ported head, and Boysen rad valve for 14k.
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